Cementless Partial Knee Replacement

Dr. Hohman is proud to be one of the first surgeons in the country to offer his patients the first FDA-cleared cementless Partial Knee Replacement available in the US. Starting in July of 2020, Dr. Hohman will offer this treatment option for patients who are interested in returning to higher impact activities. The advantage of a cement-free approach is the implants take advantage of the natural healing properties of bone to create reliable implant fixation. This biological fixation strategy is less susceptible to deterioration over time than traditional implants that rely on bone cement.

This unique implant, called the Engage Partial Knee System, has been optimized for outpatient surgery. In addition to creating a biologic bone/implant interface, eliminating cement from the procedure may reduce operative time, minimize time under anesthesia for the patient, and minimize the need for a tourniquet.

The video demonstrates the surgical technique for the Engage Partial Knee Replacement.