Pain Relief During a Pandemic – A Message From Robert J. Dimeff, M.D.

Do you need urgent pain relief as you manage a musculoskeletal injury or await an elective orthopedic procedure delayed due to COVID-19?

Dear patients and friends:

I am a Primary Care Sports Medicine Physician with over 30 years of experience with professional sports teams, as well as with people just like you. Throughout this pandemic, my office remains open to both new and past patients.

Since all elective surgeries are being postponed until further notice, many patients with orthopedic conditions need urgent pain relief. There are concerns however, that many anti-inflammatory medications commonly used to alleviate musculoskeletal pain—including cortisone injections and NSAIDs such as ibuprofen and naproxen—may worsen the COVID-19 infection. Please consult your health care provider before making any changes to your current medication use.

I perform non-surgical evaluations and treatments including injection therapies such as cortisone, Zilretta®, hyaluronic acid, prolotherapy, platelet-rich plasma, amniotic and umbilical cord products, Lipogems®, bone marrow aspirate concentrate, and others. I also performs shockwave therapy for acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders. Many of these techniques can help without adversely affecting future surgery or the impact of catching the COVID-19 infection. For more information detailing many of the procedures I perform, please refer to my YouTube channel (Robert Dimeff) for short videos.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, as always, my practice and the entire TOA team are here to serve all of your musculoskeletal needs, while taking the utmost safety precautions.

  • Patients may make regular in-office appointments by calling 214-750-1207.
  • I am available to see patients Monday through Friday; more complex injection procedures are usually performed on Fridays.
  • Patients can make a “virtual” telemedicine appointment, performed either through a secure medical website or through FaceTime.
  • Many follow-up visits can be done by telemedicine and may be covered by insurance plans.
  • The clinic has been adjusted so that patients requiring an X-ray or a procedure have minimal interaction with other patients.
  • To limit waiting room exposure, it is recommended that patients complete their medical history and other necessary forms online prior to their appointment. Patients are to remain in their vehicle until the exam room is cleaned and ready for their visit.
  • Physical therapy is critical for treating your injury and for facilitating your recovery from surgery. The TOA therapy practice is open Monday through Friday to provide high-quality care in a safe environment.
  • Patients requiring urgent surgery will be referred to the appropriate orthopedic surgery colleague.

Thank you for trusting the entire TOA team to provide all of your orthopedic healthcare needs.

Please stay healthy and safe,

Robert J. Dimeff, MD