Texas Orthopedic Associates Expands Relationship with PT Genie, LLC

(September 12, 2022 -- Orlando FL and Dallas, TX) PT Genie is proud to announce the expansion of their partnership with Texas Orthopedic Associates (TOA), a Division of OrthoLonestar.  This expansion will make PT Genie, LLC, the exclusive provider of hybrid (virtual and in-person) physical therapy services for all TOA practices and makes TOA the largest orthopedic practice in Texas adopting a hybrid physical therapy solution.

When using PT Genie, patients recover 60 percent faster, their pain reduces by 50 percent, and they report a 70 percent increase in satisfaction from their traditional PT program.

Using AI-powered motion-detection technology, PT Genie’s mobile app guides users through their home-based exercise program using anatomic metrics and body markers to track reps, speed, and range of motion. It also ensures proper form and offers instant corrective feedback. The platform delivers real-time information to Texas Orthopedic Associates providers and creates an ongoing connection between patient and provider to ensure that the individualized, prescribed plan of care is being followed.

“This platform provides genuine value for physical therapy providers, giving them the ability to improve patient compliance and more closely monitor and tailor treatment to deliver excellent recovery outcomes,” says Dr. Reuben Gobezie, CEO and Co-Founder, PT Genie.

Texas Orthopedic Associates has more than three decades of caring for patients throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Their team of highly trained practitioners are prestigiously qualified to diagnose and treat ailments. Patients range from young athletes to seniors and high-intensity athletes. No matter the background, each patient is treated with the upmost care. PT Genie is proud to partner with Texas Orthopedic Associates at its Dallas, Plano, Weatherford, Keller and Fort Worth locations.

“It has been awesome to start working with PT Genie. Their staff is great, the platform is easy to use and compatible with our in-office software platform, Athena Health. It is amazing to have a company ahead of the digital transformation of healthcare,” states Dr. Kevin Kruse, board-certified orthopedic surgeon at Texas Orthopedic Associates, LLP.

About PT Genie: Created by surgeons and physical therapists, PT Genie is revolutionizing the orthopedic space by offering a digital solution to home exercise programs. Intuitive remote patient monitoring and feedback enables on-demand concierge PT care.

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