We are OPEN - February 11, 2021

Currently all locations are open and seeing patients. If you need to reschedule due to inclement weather, please call (214) 750-1207.

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2/18/21 - Openings & Closures

Clinic Openings: 8210 Walnut Hill will be open and seeing patients tomorrow, 2/18/21.  Physical Therapy at 8081 Walnut Hill Ln.

Weather Update - Closed 2/16/21

Due to winter road conditions, all locations will be closed Tuesday, February 16th 2021. When conditions improve, we will be calling to reschedule appointments. Check back for more updates... Stay safe and enjoy your snow day!

When Does a Fracture Require Surgery?

Bone fractures are common and painful. Often fracture treatment entails a cast. Sometimes, however, you’ll need surgery to repair it. Find out why and when you’d need surgery to repair a broken bone.