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Who Can Benefit From Physical Therapy?

In a nutshell – anyone can benefit from physical therapy. Physical therapists are movement experts who can help people with pain, stiffness, disease, injury, and rehabilitation after surgery. They can also help people move better and reduce the risk of getting hurt. 

While most people think of physical therapy as a practice for injured people, many people see physical therapists to relieve pain, learn injury-prevention techniques, and improve their sports performance. 

Our expert medical team at Texas Orthopaedic Associates recognizes the importance of physical therapy as it relates to musculoskeletal health and well-being. We offer physical therapy services at four of our Texas locations. Wondering if and how you can benefit from physical therapy? Our skilled physical therapy team shares the many benefits of physical therapy.

Benefits of physical therapy

Whether you're in pain because of a traumatic injury, overuse, or disease such as arthritis, physical therapy can help relieve your pain and reduce your need for pain relievers and opioids. How? A physical therapist can determine your pain's root cause and develop an exercise and strengthening routine to help you build strength in areas with weak muscles or damaged ligaments or other tissues.

Additionally, physical therapists have a variety of tools in their toolbox to help you manage and relieve pain and restore function, such as joint and soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, taping, and stimulation. These therapy tools can also prevent pain from returning.

Physical therapy can also help reduce stiffness and increase mobility. Lastly, it can help you avoid surgery after an injury or help accelerate healing after surgery.

Common conditions that physical therapy treats

As mentioned above, physical therapy can help heal an injury or help you get back to your usual active self after surgery. However, physical therapy can help so many more conditions other than injuries. It can help people with pulmonary problems and also people with diabetes who have nerve and foot issues. 

However, there are many other conditions that physical therapy can help

These include:

Additionally, physical therapy can help older people improve balance and mobility and protect themselves against falls. For athletes, physical therapy can improve performance and help prevent injury or re-injury. 

Are you injured or in pain? If you'd like to see a physical therapist at one of our offices in Dallas, Plano, or Keller, Texas, call us to schedule an appointment or request one online through this website.

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